Law office “Ječmenica R. Ivan“ provides the widest spectar of legal services in domain of company law and corporate law. The founder of law office, lawyer Ivan Ječmenica, is interested in theoretical and practical work on all relevant issues from this domain. According to that, this law office is proud on her name – Law office Belgrade for company law.

Company law in Serbia is regulated by several laws, but the central place has Law on companies. Company law provides the kinds of legal form for business activity, procedures of working, form of menagment and at the end, the precedures of liquidation. This law provides that the business activity can be legal organised in the form of an enterpreneur or company. There are two different groups of companies: 1) companies with high personal characteristics like General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships 2) companies of capital like Limited liability company and Joint-stock company.

The Incorporation of the company is very complex process where partners should make a lots of choices aim at that company considers all needed characteristics for realizing a high profit. It means that should opt for the form of company, registered business name of company, predominant business activity, the amount of company`s share capital and the procedures of making a decisions in company. Our law office can provide you, firstly, legal advices and after that, in next phase, real legal support in  writing lots of legal documents and acts which are necessary for your business. With legal assistance of your Law office Belgrade for company law your business ideas can be realized in reality.

The starting company is at the Serbian Business Registration Agency (APR). Procedure of starting company is very complex and requires high knowledge of relevant legal solutions. Our Law office Belgrade for company law provides complete legal assistance in procedure of starting company, as also in procedure of liquidation company. The first legal condition for starting company and her registration is Instrument of Incorporation. Instrument of Incorporation can be in the form of memorandum of association if company is formed by two or more members or in the form of decision on incorporation if company is formed only by one member. Instrument of Incorporation should be making in written form and member`s signatures must be certified at Public Notary.

Companies are dynamic business entities it means that is legal possibility of expulsion from company or accessing the company. Accessing the company is possible in form of transfer of equity interest or shares. It depends of type of company this transfer is less or more legal limited. At general partnerships and limited liability companies, others partners or members have a right of pre-emption. On other side, at joint-stock companies, shares shall be freely transferable to third persons, unless when Article of Association provide restrictions of transfer.Transfer of equity interest can be paid or gratis and it be legal realized in form of contract. This contract should be in written form and signatures of transferor of equity interest and an acquirer of equity interest must be certified at Public Notary.

Keep in mind that our lawyer office for company law, also, provide legal services in labour law, which makes us as very serious and professional partner who can cover all aspects of your business.

At the end, to sum up, our Law office Belgrade for company law provides next legal services:

• Incorporation all forms of company (limited liability company, joint-stock company, general partnerships and limited partnerships)
• Writing Instrument of Incorporation (decision on incorporation or memorandum of association)
• Writing Articles of Association
• Representing in company`s cases at the Court
• Finding Accounter for providing accounting services
• Bankruptcy
• Carring out Liquidation of company
• Writing all type of Contracts in company low